Putting The Needs of Contractors First

Contractors from all backgrounds choose to work with AML. Regardless of whether you are a contractor with many years of experience or you are starting out for the first time, you can rely on AML to help you make the most of your contract work. When you work for yourself, there are a number of different contractor options available to you. Making a living and balancing finances means that for most contractors the option that saves them the most time and money will be the one they chose.

AML has been working with contractors since 2006. We offer a wide range of services that help contractors maximise their working situation. The advantages of the services we offer are not just limited to maximising earnings, but also extend to time saving features. Our 180 strong team is in a unique position to offer access to a wide portfolio of contractor options and financial products, such as pensions and investments.

Our website offers advice regardless of whether you are new to contracting or have been making a living from contracting over a number of years. We cover all aspects of contract work, including the trading structure options available, marketing yourself as a contractor, ways to negotiate higher rates as well as expert guidance on the latest legislation and regulations concerning contract workers.

Our news section also offers expert commentary and advice on the latest developments that affect the contracting industry, as well as access to archived articles.

Every month our team helps contractors from all walks of life and industries, including IT, engineering, energy, finance and healthcare, to make the most of their contracting. So if you are starting out and not sure of your options, looking to change provider, or would like to know more about your working options as a contractor and how they could affect you financially, contact AML today.